Variac Auto Transformer

Staco Variable Transformers include a full range of single an three phase models. Standard models include input voltages from 120VAC to 480VAC. Frequencies to 2000 Hz can be accommodated. Special units for voltages to 1000 VAC are available. Below are links to detail specifications for standard units. They are categorized by input voltage, output voltage and number of phases. If you do not find the transformer that meets your application requirements, please contact ISE with your detailed specifications.

Some of the salients features of "COSMO" Autotransformers are.
» Continuously Varable output voltage
» Silver plated track of carbon brush
» High grade carbon brush
» Easy replacement of carbon brush
» Extremely low magnetising current (about 25 of rated load)
» Mechanically rugged design
» Almost no maintenance required
» Capacities upto 40 amps in air cooled version
» conforming to IS:5142-1969